XIO new I/O module: first real life test  
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XIO new I/O module: first real life test

December 5, 2004   Back to top
It is on a batch plant already equipped with an ERMIIS system in the area of Limoges, France, that the new XIO module has successfully passed its first real life test. Intended to be introduced gradually in 2005, the new module is characterized by its unique architecture, its compactness and its compatibility thanks to the TCP/IP protocol.

A unique architecture
The module is equipped with logic, analogic and frequency input-outputs so that only one specimen is necessary to automate a small installation. For larger ones, it suffices to add extra XIO modules, all entirely identical to the first one!
The advantages of this architecture are numerous:
  • Only one module to be held as spare part.
  • Guaranteed flexibility and extensibility
  • Simplified wiring
  • Facilitated support and maintenance
  XIO in cabinet

XIO module (upper left corner) wired to control a batch tower for the north American market
Note the number of terminals connected to a single module!

Open to third parties, thanks to the TCP/IP protocol
The XIO module uses TCP/IP, the Internet protocol, as its communications protocol. Several provisions were taken to ensure the temporal determinism of the network exchanges. Thanks to TCP/IP, the module is compatible with a broad range of third modules. Indeed, a majority of suppliers of networked I/O modules, such as Phoenix Contact, Siemens or Allen Bradley turn now to TCP/IP, either by offering bridges to theirs traditionnal protocols, or by offering a line of I/Os solely relying on TCP/IP.

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