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SPE line of automation systems

SPE automation systems are dedicated to the partial or total control of asphalt plants and other road product plants. They have the common characteristics of all ERMIIS control systems.

Common characteristics of ERMIIS automation systems

SPE characteristics

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Ease of use and ergonomy
  3D representation of the actual plant, intuitive interface and effective technical support: it is the operator who control the situation!
No limits ...
  No limits on the number of silos, hot bins, feeders, aggregates, fillers, rap, binders, mixes, etc...
Flexible configuration
  All types of mechanical configurations, continuous, discontinuous, mixed, batch only, etc..
Unique I/O design
  In 2005 our unique system of input-outputs called XIO is introduced. See how this concept will make you save and facilitate the maintenance of your control system...(More on XIO module)

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