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Batchtronic & Drumtronic

The Batchtronic and Drumtronic systems are asphalt and concrete plant control systems dedicated to tight budget applications. They are simple yet equipped with the powerful features of all our control systems. They are factory configured and are shipped to customer site to be wired by local electricians. The multilingual support make the operation easier when the system is installed in a foreign country.

Common features of all ERMIIS control systems

Setup is very easy ...
  Wiring and setup is very easy in order to be done by local personnel following the included documentation. Our support is always available. The software is factory initialised according to your plant and parameters are fine tuned after installation.
... and quick
  Because they are factory configured, the Batchtronics and Drumtronics are quickly set to work. Typical installation duration is 2 to 3 days.
Features without compromises...
  This automation systems take advantages of our latest technologies. Because they are based on an open architecture, they can evolve and reach the level of our other lines, SPE or SPE Ultraflex. Your investment is preserved for the future.
...At a very, very competitive price !

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