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PrintUp: Automatic document capture

PrintUp is an electronic device capturing printed informations in real time at the very time they are printed.

PrintUp box
PrintUp is the document capturing tool used with our eRoutes online service. During the year 2004 more than 350 000 tickets from 65 plants and load out locations have been successfully captured.

The PrintUp box is plugged between the printing source and the printer. The data printed are scanned in real time, document are recognized and targeted informations are extracted to be sent through the internet to an online database. Then authorized users can log on the internet from any browser or mobile device to retrieve them.

Universal compatibility.
PrintUp is compatible with any operating system, software or hardware that prints data. With the current version it captures data through centronic and serial ports.

PrintUp is totally transparent to the printing process. The scan takes les than a few seconds and data are generally into our servers before the paper printing is over.

Recognition success rate.
The recognition success rate is tremendously better than commonly achieved with scanners and OCR. The reason is that there is no interferences as the printed data are perfectly repeatable and entirely defined. Further more, the complete document can be captured for later look up or reprint.

Proof that document has been captured.
An acknowledge receipt of capture as a unique coded identifier can be added to the printed data and appear on the paper document. This identifier enables further follow up by establishing a bijection paper document <-> electronic data. It makes evidence that the document has been successfully captured.
PrintUp box

Data capture and publication without printing.
PrintUp can be set not to print the received data. That enables virtual printing where data are captured but not printed. Any software with a print function can take advantage of that feature. At the time data are received a narrower paper document can be printed with a unique coded identifier as a proof of capture.

Software version.
A software version that will install as a virtual printer is currently developped for Microsoft Windows.

Capturing algorithm.
The capture algorithm is build upon different techniques:
  • Printer recognition and emulation.
  • Characters, symbols and words extraction.
  • Document distinctiveness recognition according to templates.
  • Artificial neural networks.
  • Learning process.
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