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XIO Input-Output device

The XIO module represents the new generation of inputs/outputs used on our automation systems. This new module is characterized by its unique architecture, its compactness and its compatibilty and uses TCP/IP as communiation protocol.

Unique architecture
The module is equipped with logic, analogic and frequency input-outputs, each type in such a calculated proportion that just one type of module is needed to control a plant. Thus, a small application requires one and only one XIO and it suffices to add XIOs, all identical to the first one, to increase the number of input-outputs.
The advantages of this architecture are numerous:
  • Only one module as spare part
  • Guaranteed flexibility and extensibility
  • Simplified wiring
  • Support and maintenance facilitated
  • Small overall dimensions

Comparison with traditional architecture
In a traditional installation using a field network, electronic modules ensuring the input-outputs are specialized according to the type of signals: logic inputs, logic outputs, analogic inputs, analogic outputs, etc.. This architecture multiplies the number of types of electronic modules (see fig 1). With the XIO, only one standard device is necessary, having all the types of input-outputs on board. When the number of input-outputs is very important, the cost of the two solutions is similar, but on the small and average installations, case of the public work plants, the architecture of type XIO is more profitable.

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(fig 1) Classical architecture

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(fig 2) Architecture with the XIO module

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