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ERMIIS offers products and services to the road construction firms. Our activity is made up of three parts:

A family owned company created in 1986, ERMIIS has acquired a reputation of quality, technical know-how and capacity of innovation. ERMIIS is today a major actor in its field with more than 200 factories equipped in metropolitan France. Our consolidated sales turnover is 1.7 M of Euros and we employ 16 people.
Establishment of a subsidiary company in North America widened our market and reinforced our capacity to serve the largest international companies.

Our values are long-term commitment, listening to our customers and innovation. Our marketing policy is based on the search for a long term collaboration with our customers rather than on a succession of "good blows". Our prices are calculated according to cost and a reasonable margin necessary to our perenniality. Research and the resulting technology as well as reactivity are the engines of our profitability.

Research and development are the key points of the development of ERMIIS with about 15 % of our sales turnover devoted to it. Much technical advances were introduced by ERMIIS during passed years . Our last important innovation is our service of real time operational information called eRoutes.

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