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ERMIIS commercial ethics

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The commercial activities of ERMIIS proceed according to one ethical framework wanted by the direction since the creation of the company. This framework reflects major personal values of the founders themselves.

We are convinced that its respect is guaranteeing of durable development for the company and of healthy and advantageous relations with our customers. It provides ERMIIS employees for a clear direction regarding the decisions to be taken in the daily management of the activity.

ERMIIS has as a policy to respect the laws and rules which apply to its activities. Moreover, if the law is permissive, the company chooses the way of the greatest integrity. Practices, traditions and values differ locally and that must be recognized. But honesty is not criticizable in any culture. The dishonesty, even light, leads naturally to the suspicion and negative judgements of reprehensible behaviour. A well established reputation of scrupulous approach in all our operations is in itself a company priceless credit .

Solutions to the best of our knowledge.
The solutions suggested by ERMIIS are to the best of our knowledge. We propose to our customers what we believe is the most adequate in terms of costs, perenniality, technology and timeframe. The products and the services developed and proposed are those in which we have confidence.

A customer is a customer like another.
Among our customers appear large multinational companies and SME. All our customers receive the same treatment whatever their size or the commercial potential which they represent. The only mean of respecting this policy is to always offer our best.

Related to the field of data processing, our activity leads us to have temporarily in our systems data relating to the activity of our customers. This information is treated in all confidentiality by our software and our personnel according to terms' of our contracts of services.

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