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Research and development

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The research and development are among the key points of the development of ERMIIS; we devote about 15 % of our sales turnover to them.

This goes back to the creation of the company when Pierre Vidaillac, cofounder and impassioned of technology, insufflated the spirit of imagination, ingeniousness and originality necessary to the research projects. The first solutions were developed at the end of the Eighties, at a time when data processing began its incursion on asphalt plants.

Since, the list is long of advances due to ERMIIS in our sector:

  • 1986: Industrial computer applied to the control of an asphalt plant bringing more flexibility and improving ergonomy to the process supervision.
  • 1990: Use of a real time operating system: OS9.
  • 1991: Field network for the input-outputs, separating the "brain" from "members" of the automatism and allowing upgrades according to the lifespan of each part.
  • 1992: Bearing of the software on PC compatible, under MS-DOS, to take advantage of the economic effect of the phenomenon of micro-computers, compatibility with our field network.
  • 1999: Synoptic in 3d, allowing operators to come to grip faster with the process controled.
  • 1999: Moved the software under Windows NT then Windows 2000, realtime layer with Venturcom, compatibility with our field network.
  • 2002: PrintUp (patent pending) and eRoutes, the widening of the real time to all the operations of road construction.
  • 2005: I/O module XIO, unparalleled concept reducing the costs of the automatisms and their maintenance, compatible with all the generations of our software.

Leader in our field, we have a proactive policy in what relate to the selection of the research orientations. It is more difficult to choose a direction to be taken when there is nobody in front!

The projects on which we work are mainly given according to following criteria's:
  • Initially, the listening of our customers in our field and related fields
  • The evaluation of the added value generated to the profit of the customer by the new technology.
  • Speed of return on investment in R&D.
  • Capacity of the new technology to increase the added value to our profit.

The projects in progress or recently done are:

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