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eRoutes - Presentation


What is it about ?
eRoutes is a real time information and traceability system intended for public works:
  • Concerning sales, planning, job follow-up, operations, quality control and equipment management.
  • Getting data from production sites and other sources of the operational field.
  • Accessible through Internet, wired or wireless.
  • Reliable and inexpensive.
eRoutes is unique and innovating and is the subject of a continuous development.

The objective of eRoutes is to benefit from new information technologies to increase the effectiveness of operations related to road construction. eRoutes is a powerful mean to disseminate real time information to the people concerned and is very cost effective.

Plan eRoutes

eRoutes structure. The PrintUp system (Reference mark 1) captures printed data.

Internet and the networks known as "wireless" are particularly adapted to the operations of public works. Indeed those are conducted outside, geographically dispersed and under real time constraints because of the perishable nature of the products implemented. All those characteristics allowing effectiveness improvement by integrating the new tools of communication.
The communication of real time information relative to these operations is done today verbally with the use of cellular phones. The content and context analysis of the exchanges reveals the following points:
  • A good part of the communication consists of raw data dissemination (quantity, quality, temporal data...).
  • Several communications with different people are often needed to get a total synthetic sight of the situation.
  • These raw data are often already available somewhere in some data-processing systems (plant control software, scale ticketing software, GPS positioning systems, notebooks...).
  • The engagement of a verbal communication between two people for a simple raw data exchange is not very efficient in terms of cost because the time of at least two people (calling and called) is spent.
  • The oral communication of numeric data is not very ergonomic in a context of mobility. It often requires, amongst other things, taking notes under potentially dangerous conditions for the people safety.
eRoutes allows concerned personnel to take cognizance of the relevant data before considering a verbal communication , anywhere, at any time, quickly and without disturbing anybody. The productivity improvement is obvious.

How does it work?
The most important challenge to which the eRoutes system faces is the heteroclite aspect of the sources and formats of information. This challenge has been successfully met thanks to a new technology called PrintUp.

This technology constitutes a universal mean to recover information already available in data-processing or electronic form from production or loading sites, whatever the brand, the age or the version of the software and hardware having this information. PrintUp (patent pending) is a "black box" installed without modification to the hardware or software existing on site. The box is connected to the Internet through various means and transmits permanently the information captured towards a set of servers and databases that are managed by ERMIIS or its partners. From there, the information is available to authorized personnel through eRoutes web site or its mirrors.

PrintUp captures information in the following ways:
  • By analyzing all the documents which are or can be printed (loadout tickets, delivery order, reports, results, production listings, etc).
  • By analyzing the information exchanged on serial links (truck scale display, production data from automation systems, etc).
  • By measuring the electric signals coming from any sensor of interest.
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