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ERMIIS automation systems

ERMIIS automation systems are dedicated to the control of the following process:
  • Batches and drum mix asphalt plant
  • Concrete, gravel and gravel cement plants
  • Emulsion plants
Those systems are customizable to control whole or part of the installation. Batchtronic and Drumtromic series are tight budget solutions equipped with simple and efficient functionalities.
Main screen example - TSE counter-flow ERMONT
SPE and SPE Ultraflex series correspond to state of the art partial or complete process automation (SPE) up to exhaustive control of all the systems of the installation (Series SPE Ultraflex) such as binder storage, systems of loading or even lighting of the site.

The architecture of all our systems perennialize the investment and there is no tight barrier from one series to another: a batchtronic can evolve into a SPE or SPE Ultraflex. In like manner, a system on a given plant can be recovered to be installed on another, whatever their respective size or type.

Structure and main characteristics
  • Computer of last generation, PC compatible, industrial box.
  • Operating system Windows 2000 with real-time sub operating system RTX of Ardence.
  • 3D Interface operator showing the actual plant layout.
  • Configurable system for partial or total control of the factory, "zero console" architecture.
  • All the software in only one system.
  • Thoroughly studied ergonomy for easy came to grips and quick understanding by the operator.
  • Input-outputs on field network using rs485 or Ethernet TCP/IP with unique concept XIO.
  • Upgrade or expandability always guaranteed.
  • Compatibility of all subsets with all ERMIIS products.
  • Connection with your information systems through our eRoutes system.

The Hardware and software bases
Our systems use PC compatible industrial computers of last generation. The operating system is Windows 2000 equipped with the real time subset RTX of Ardence conferring to Windows the necessary characteristics for a perfectly deterministic real time control. The input-outputs are distributed through an rs485 fieldbus or Ethernet with protocol TCP/IP.

The reasons for this architecture ensue from a deep analyze of the market forces that govern the availability, lifespan and costs of the solutions available to build up an automation system.

ERMIIS software
The software is conceived according to two major axis: facility of comprehension for the operator and flexibility of configuration and evolution.

We think that nothing is more frustrating for an operator than not to understand and master the interaction between the computer and the controled process. The fact that the control system is at the service of the user is considered in all the design phases of our software. This characteristic reduces the time needed to come to grips with the software for an operator not experienced on our systems. For example, the interface with the operator is built around a three dimensions synoptic that represents the actual layout of the plant.

In order to combine flexibility and capacity of evolution, our software allows many modifications on the spot without changes to the source code. Particularily, the number of hotbins, feeders, belts, screws, silos, etc, are configurable on site.

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