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SPE Ultraflex line of automation systems

SPE Ultraflex automation systems are dedicated to the total control of asphalt plants or other road product plants and their related processes. They have the common characteristics of all ERMIIS control systems.

Common characteristics of ERMIIS automation systems

SPE Ultraflex characteristics
The SPE Ultraflex systems have all the characteristics of the SPE line more:

Control of all the aspects of the process
On top of the manufactoring process, the Ultraflex systems handle any process or system related to the plant like : burner control loop, bitumen and fuel storage, hot mix storage, truck loadout... up to the site lighting !
Integrated quality control.
The integrated quality control confers an assistance to the operator conducting the plant on top of being a production quality monitoring tool.
Even more flexibility
The software makes it possible to manage complex configurations of the material tranport layout of the plant. An example is mixed drum/batch plant configurations.
Display on several screens
Up to four screens for a complete sight of the situation. Particularly useful for a configuration without console.

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